Have you Ever Ran into a Glass Door or Window?

Have you Ever Ran into a Glass Door or Window?

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If you have then you know what a difference a nice clean and streak free window or door can make. Commercial office buildings have many tasks that are required to keep up the property and take care of the aesthetics of the interior and exterior. The obvious things are carpets and flooring, paint touch up, bathroom repairs or any other number of items that are out in the open and very ordinary. One of the things that can make a big difference is windows. Most commercial cleaning companies overlook the importance of clean interior and exterior windows. This can make a building seem much more appealing and show any type of client that you are professional and care for the upkeep of your office. But there are more reasons than just the look as to why you would want to keep windows clean.

Outside Dust Causes Permanent Window Damage

Outside dust and debris can actually cause permanent damage to windows. One of the main concerns is concrete leaching. This happens when a window hangs on the same plane as a concrete or stucco wall. When they hang on the same plane the water and debris flow straight down the wall and will stick to the window. When the water trickles down it will pick up minerals that were used when making the concrete and deposit them on the window. Over time this can lead to the glass breaking down. Once you notice these kinds of streaking on the side of the building you can most of the time have it cleaned, but it will take a lot of time and effort from a professional. There is not much you can do to eliminate the water and minerals streaking down the wall but you can help eliminate the damage that can be done to the windows. This is beneficial because the cost to replace a window or several windows highly outweigh the cost of a routine cleaning.

Routine Window Cleaning Prevents Damage

Having a routine cleaning program set up with a professional company like Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC can guard your business from unwanted damage. Mr. Windows offers customized window cleaning options that will best suit the situation that you have and clean all the windows including the hard to reach ones on a regular basis to keep them looking their best.

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