How to Keep Inside & Outside Windows Clean Longer in Reston Virginia

How to Keep Inside & Outside Windows Clean Longer in Reston Virginia

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We absolutely love it when our windows are clean. The home has more appeal letting more light in, clearer views, and the home looks stunning. Especially when we enlist the expertise of Mr. Windows Cleaning Service, LLC to do a professional window cleaning. But how do we extend the life of those clean windows till the next appointment? We will briefly touch on solutions to keep those clean windows shining longer.

Tips to Keep Exterior Windows Clean Longer

Mounted screens – these are often found on our windows, but generally get neglected in the cleaning department. Dust and pollen get collected in the screen mesh and will splash onto the glass during a rain shower or from our lawn sprinkler systems. It is best to get the screens cleaned during a routine window cleaning to keep that dirt control down. Storing screens during winter months can help unnecessary build up from occurring, and keeping windows that never open, screen free is a good idea.

BBQ Grill at a Distance – Keep your barbecue grill at least five feet away from windows or door walls. After all we just cleaned those sparkling windows, keeping that grill away will ensure that no grease, oils, smoke or sauces cake up on them.

Groomed Landscape – Keeping the landscaped trimmed and maintained is a good practice. The pollen produced by plant life can gather on windows just as easily as dust can, making windows appear gritty. Keeping branches and leaves trimmed will reduce that build up.

Landscaping Maintenance – Running our landscaping maintenance tools can lead to dirty windows. Lawn mowers, leaf blowers even car exhaust can cause our windows from getting filthy. Most times unavoidable, but getting the lawn chores done before a professional cleaning can be favorable.

Sprinklers – Lawn sprinklers are often the assailant in smirching up our freshly cleaned windows. Windows will not only get dried up droplets cluttering our window, but mineral deposits can assault our windows as well. These types of stains can etch into the glass causing permanent damage. If overly hard water and minerals continuously hit the glass little can clean them. If caught in time, a polishing compound can do the trick, but after too much neglect it will come down to replacing the glass or living with the fogged up window.

Tips to Keep Exterior Windows Clean Longer

Change Air Filters – Changing your furnace air filters regularly is a must. Doing so will reduce the amount of airborne dust that would otherwise accumulate on your windows, but also everywhere else in your home. Keeping your heating and cooling ducts cleaned is another bonus in extended clean windows.

Scented Candles – So many of us indulge on scented candles. The aroma filling the air is often relaxing and adds that finishing touch on a clean home. Some enjoy the ambiance of burning candles. Be sure to not place the candles next to your freshly treated windows. Smoke residue will form on glass just as easily as dust and pollen can.

Exhaust Fans – Run that handy kitchen exhaust fan while cooking. By utilizing your kitchen fine while cooking, your windows will stay cleaner longer because the airborne oils will be removed from the environment.

Professional Window Cleaners in Reston VA

Along with all your window cleaning needs and advice, Mr. Windows Cleaning Service, LLC can aide you in the never ending battle of clean windows and additional services. Contact us today!

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