Professional Crystal, Glass & Brass Chandelier Cleaning Services & Solutions in Fairfax County, VA

Professional Crystal, Glass & Brass Chandelier Cleaning Services & Solutions in Fairfax County, VA

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Keeping your home clean throughout the business of the holiday season can seem overwhelming and daunting even. Certain areas of your home receive more attention than others. Your kitchen and bathrooms are probably maintained fairly well throughout the holidays, but there are some areas of your home that can easily be overlooked and neglected while you are out shopping or in the kitchen preparing a big family meal. One of the most forgotten items in your home when it comes to regular cleaning is the chandelier. Chandeliers provide excellent lighting and beautify any area they are hanging in.

Can I Clean Chandelier Crystals? Yes!

Chandeliers also collect a great deal of dust, dirt and other materials that are floating through the air in your home. If a chandelier is not regularly cleaned, dust can accumulate quite rapidly, leaving an undesirable layer of dust on the crystals of your chandelier and if anyone happens to look up at the chandelier, they will clearly notice that it has not been properly cleaned for quite some time. No matter how clean the rest of your home is, dust will still gather in areas that are not regularly wiped down, making your chandelier seem dull and old.

Chandelier Cleaning Tips

When it comes to properly cleaning a chandelier, you must take a few aspects into consideration. The location, size and fragility of your chandelier should all be taken into consideration when deciding exactly how to tackle this chore. Before you begin going crazy on your chandelier with a feather duster, you may want to move any furniture that sits beneath the chandelier. Dust particles will cover your furniture and create another chore for you to clean when you are finished with the chandelier. Be sure to move anything out of the way that you do not want to get covered in dust or dirt. An alternative to moving your furniture would be to cover it with a sheet, to avoid dust covering your couch or chair.

Professional Chandelier Cleaning, Window Washing & Exterior Pressure Washing in Reston, Arlington, Manassas, Springfield, Gainesville, Herndon & Leesburg Virginia, Chevy Chase Maryland & Washington DC

While a feather duster is a good start to cleaning off the layer of dust that has accumulated on your chandelier, it will not completely clean it. If your chandelier has many pieces to it, is large in size and has many areas that dust can collect, your best bet for getting your chandelier completely clean and looking like new again is to hire a professional to come in and get the job done for you. Contact Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC today to have your chandelier properly and professionally cleaned.

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