Professional Window Squeegees

Professional Window Squeegees

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The thought of using a squeegee is usually accompanied by a memory of a recent road trip, while stopped at a gas station and cleaning the bugs off of your windshield. Squeegees are often underestimated in their ability to completely clean a window. Squeegees are not only great for cleaning windshields on your cars but they are an excellent tool to use for cleaning all of the windows in your home. Squeegees are able to clean windows without leaving steak or drip marks across your glass. However, if not used properly, a squeegee will leave unsightly marks on your windows and leave you wondering what you did wrong. There are simple steps you can take when it comes to using a squeegee.

First Time Squeegee Users

To the first time squeegee user, simply gliding the squeegee across your window will not produce a completely clean window. There are a few extra tools you will need in addition to your squeegee that will result in pristine looking windows around your home. A window cleaning mop, cleaning solution and a squeegee are the three essentials when it comes to a thoroughly cleaned window. Although there are many different suggested do it yourself cleaners floating around the internet, a small amount of dish soap will get the job done just fine.

Window Cleaning Practice

Practicing cleaning your windows sounds absurd, but to perfect the squeegee cleaning effect, it will in fact take a significant amount of practice. Although using a squeegee looks fun and easy, it is difficult to master and leave windows free of streak and drip marks that will occur if the squeegee is used improperly. After applying the soapy water solution to your windows, completely covering the surface, it is a good idea to start on the outsides and work your way inward and downward. This will produce the best results. After you have perfected the squeegee and feel confident in cleaning every window in your home, you will need to set aside a day or two or a week to complete the job. One or two ground level windows is fine but when you realize you have 50+ windows with many on upper levels; to clean them all is going to feel like a full time job!

Professional Window Cleaning

Thorough window cleaning takes a considerable amount of time and energy. Rather than doing it yourself, it is in your best interest to hire a professional to get the job done. Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC is skilled and experienced in the use of a squeegee and will have every window in your home cleaned completely, inside and out. No need to feel pressure in mastering the skill of the squeegee, Mr. Windows knows all the ins and outs of the squeegee and will save you time and energy by cleaning your home’s windows and leaving your house looking clean and pristine. Contact Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC today for excellent window cleaning service.

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