Pros and Cons to Stained Glass Windows in Arlington VA

Pros and Cons to Stained Glass Windows in Arlington VA

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Stained glass windows can be very intriguing part of your home or business. They have the ability to add style and flare to any room. Where a stained glass window can be pleasing to the eye, they come with added pros and cons.

Mr. Windows Cleaning Service would like to share the pros and cons of having a stained glass window adorning your home or business before you commit to investing in one.

PROS to Stained Glass Windows:

Variety of Stained Glass Window Options. There so many diverse stained glass windows to chose from in a wide variety of colors. From simple lines and curves, to intricate, detailed pictures. Stained glass windows have so many choices that you can find the perfect one to fit the unique style of your home or business. Not only are designs countless, but the structures, layers and layout can change the look in many ways, giving you even more options to capture the perfect stained glass window effect.
Stained Glass Windows are Elegantly Charming. No matter the design of your choice, a boring, mundane room is given a touch of beauty and interest. With so many choices, a stained glass window becomes a center piece and enhances the space.
Concealment of Stained Glass Windows. Stained glass windows can help provide more privacy in an adoring way. The stained glass makes it much harder to see through, not only offering privacy, but eliminating too much sun encroaching in and keeping the scrupulous characters from having an easy view.

CONS to Stained Glass Windows:

Stained Glass Windows Give Limited light. Where it could be a pro to help lessen the brightness in a room, it could also be considered a con. Natural light is always ideal and a stained glass window will hinder that. With a stained glass window the room could appear darker and less spacious.
Stained Glass Windows Impede Views. Just as the stained glass window could offer more privacy, on the flip side it can hinder your view to the outdoors. If you are in to bird watching, looking out for neighbors, or just like to check out the landscape, a stained glass window with minimal coloring, and more accented as opposed to the whole window being displayed into art, could be more what you need.
Stained Glass Windows Can Look Cluttered. Too much going on in the stained glass window could become more cluttered and too busy for the eye. Keeping your window stain to an accented elegance or if you prefer the entire window becoming art, keep the rest of the room simple. You want either the stained glass window to be the center piece or the accent; don’t try using it for both.
Cleaning Stained Glass Windows is NOT a DIY Job. Domestic stained glass windows are much harder to clean than plain glass windows but easier to clean than the painted stained glass in church windows. It is important to call a professional for stained glass window cleaning as some cleaning products should never be used. The extreme pH of ammonia and vinegar can attack the metallic structure of the lead or zinc cames. In addition, scouring pads and powder can scratch the glass. Chemical paint stripper can easily dissolve the putty between the glass and the cames and excessive moisture on a window will lift the gold in the mirrored pieces and eventually rot the wooden sash.

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