Removing Hard Water Spots from Windows

Removing Hard Water Spots from Windows

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Hard water spots are not only on glass shower doors but are found on mirrors and windows too. Hard water stains can be a nuisance and make a window hard to see out of. Hard water is unfiltered water that has high levels of calcium in it. When the water is used in a shower or around your home it can seem clean, but after it dries you will start to notice white spots. One way that you can help to eliminate these hard water spots is to get a soft water unit installed. This filters your water before it comes out of your faucets and can stop the calcium from building up. If you leave hard water stains and build up on windows it can start to cause damage that cannot be fixed. Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC has the tools and knowledge on what to do to professionally clean hard water spots and any other unwanted substances that may be on your windows.

Mr Windows Cleaning Service LLC has prepared the following tips to help can clean your own windows and hard water spots in between professional window cleanings:

Vinegar and Water. This is a good mixture to try if you have mild hard water spots on a daily basis. Take a bucket and use 50/50 water and vinegar and a cloth to try and remove the spots. If you put the mixture in a spray bottle it is easier to use and take with you from window to window.
Vinegar Mixture plus Baking Soda. If you have harder water stains or have had them sitting longer than a day or two you may need to use a more aggressive cleaner. You can start with the same vinegar and water mixture form above and mix it with baking soda. This will make a paste that can be used to scrub off the stains that may not have come off with the original vinegar and water mixture. This can also be placed on the area and left to soak for a short amount of time to help break down the hard water spots.
Dryer sheet dampened. Some people have used a fresh dryer sheet with a small amount of water as a wipe to remove hard water spots and stains. It may seem silly but the chemical in the dryer sheet along with the actual sheet can scrub away the hard water spots. This process needs a second process to follow up with because this will leave the windows streaked and looking very dirty.

Professional Hard Water Spot Removal

If you have done all you can and still have hard water spots call Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC to have your windows cleaned professionally and those hard to remove spots gone in no time.

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