The Downside to DIY Window Cleaning

The Downside to DIY Window Cleaning

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If you are like most home owners you probably don’t relish the thought of cleaning your own windows and if you do clean your own windows you probably don’t clean them as often as you should. Window cleaning is not only time consuming it can also be dangerous and difficult to do. Cleaning your windows from top to bottom may take you days to complete but a professional window cleaning crew can get the job done in a couple of hours with sparkling results. If you DIY, more often than not you will end up having to struggle with ladders, hang out of windows and after many hours of frustratingly hard labor, your windows still have streaks and smears. But there is another option and it is more affordable than you might think. At Mr. Windows Cleaning Service, we understand that your time and hard earned cash are precious, and that is why we specialize in offering homeowners professional window cleaning services.

If you are still not convinced that hiring a professional window cleaner is a much better option than DIY, here are a list of three things you should consider before climbing your ladder with bucket and wash cloth in hand for a day of window washing.
1. Better results – Mr. Windows Cleaning Service uses cleaning solutions, methods and tools which guarantee better results than those you can achieve cleaning windows yourself. With professional window cleaning services you will also enjoy a brighter home; clean glass allows natural light into your house which cuts down on energy costs. Your windows are unable to deliver this benefit when they are dirty.
2. Damage – The water and cleaning solutions you use to clean your windows can often drip down into the window frame. Most window frames are made from wood, and these cleaning solutions can cause a lot of damage. Some household cleaners leave streaks on your windows and if you use tools like scrappers incorrectly you can permanently damage and scratch the glass. The professional window cleaners at Mr. Windows Cleaning Service will use the correct tools and cleaning solutions to ensure your window frames and glass are protected.
3. Service – A professional window cleaner can identify potential problems like wood rot on windowsills, damaged windows or ill-fitting window screens. Many window cleaning companies also offer other beneficial cleaning services. Mr. Windows Cleaning Service offers exterior pressure cleaning & power washing, cleaning of skylights, basement stair wells, gutters, downspouts, concrete, driveways, patios, decks and pool decks.

Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Service

Once you have decided to hire a professional window cleaning service instead of DIY, Mr. Windows recommends two things you should do before your trained and skilled window technicians arrive. Number one- Clean your blinds; dusty blinds can wreak havoc on your freshly cleaned windows. Number to- Move fragile items out of the way to avoid inadvertent mishaps. Pick up the phone and call Mr. Windows Cleaning Service today. Ask to speak with a customer service professional about window cleaning or any of our other cleaning services. Free estimates and customized service to fulfill each customer’s individual needs and budgets are just a few of the benefits we offer.

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