Common Window Cleaning Challenges in Vienna, VA; Streaking, Water Spots on Glass & More

Common Window Cleaning Challenges in Vienna, VA; Streaking, Water Spots on Glass & More

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There are some home maintenance tasks that are more difficult to tackle on your own than others. Cleaning all the windows on your home is one of them. It can be much easier to leave that job up to the pros. Your windows get dirty over time. Sometimes, you might not even realize how dirty your windows are until you have them cleaned. There are some homeowners that will choose to clean their windows on their own. When this happens, it can come with many challenges. Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC is here to talk about some of the most common challenges that come with window cleaning.

Some Challenges that Come with Cleaning Windows

There are several challenges that homeowners often encounter when they clean their windows on their own.
– Streaking: No one wants to see streaks when they are working to clean their windows. This is a frustrating issue to struggle with. If you have windows that are covered in streaks, it can keep you from being able to clearly out the windows. For the most part, streaks when cleaning happen when the process is being rushed. If you aren’t using the right products and techniques when cleaning your windows, it can result in this irritating result.
– Water Spots: Another common issue is water spots. Not only do people get water spots on their windows but glasses, mirrors and other glass surfaces. This problem is often caused by your sprinklers spraying your windows when watering your lawn. If you have hard water, using it to clean your windows can leave you with water spots as well.
– Adhesive Residue: There are several things like stickers, tape, decorations and temporary signs that can leave a sticky residue all over your windows. Even washing your windows sometimes doesn’t remove this residue. If you have something stuck to your windows for some reason, remove it as soon as possible to avoid the transfer of that residue on your windows. There are a few things you can try to remove it including, canola oil, rubbing alcohol and a commercial adhesive remover. Using a razor blade to remove this residue should be done carefully to avoid scratching and damaging your windows.
– Windows with Intricate Designs: Homeowners are often drawn to intricate windows that have grid designs or other complications that make it more difficult to get the panes cleaned. Cleaning these types of windows is going to take time and patience. Many homeowners with windows like this find that they have to do some minor cleaning in between professional cleaning because of the intricacy of the panes.

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There is no way around it, cleaning your windows is a challenge. This is why so many homeowners decide to leave it up to the pros at Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC to take care of the cleaning for them. We will make sure your windows are crystal clear when we are done cleaning them. Call us today!

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