Fun Window Cleaning Facts

Fun Window Cleaning Facts

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When it comes to window cleaning there are many kinds of jobs that need to be done. Some are as simple as a single story family home and some can be as big as a skyscraper. Some of the best facts that can be fun to talk about probably come from the largest buildings with lots and lots of windows. Some “Did you know” facts can lead to some good conversation and will probably make you think about the last time you had your windows cleaned! Mr Windows Cleaning Service LLC has prepared the following facts to enjoy.
Scaffolding – When it comes to cleaning outside windows on a large building or skyscraper, a scaffolding is needed. This is an apparatus that is attached to the outside of a building and lowers the window cleaning technicians down to each level to clean. The first scaffolding was built in 1952 to clean a building on Park Avenue in New York.
Time – A large skyscraper can take up to a month to clean all the windows. That is if the weather is good and the worker can spend the whole work day up on the scaffolding washing windows. This means that once the job is done it is almost time to start over again!
Messy – When the workers were asked what the hardest thing about cleaning the Empire State Building windows was, they said it was the mess. The tenants that live on the higher levels would throw things out of the windows and whatever was thrown out would stick to the other windows. When the weather is cold, it can also mean that whatever is thrown out will freeze to the window which can make it even harder to clean off.
Debris – When it comes to residential or smaller building window cleaning you may not have to deal with other people’s trash sticking on your windows but you should know that the more debris that is left on the windows and the longer it’s left – the more prone that window is to become damaged.
Birds – Just because a window is clean does not mean that increases the chances that a bird will try and fly through. What the birds usually sees is the direct line from outside to outside known as a “through-House” line of sight. Clean or dirty; if the bird can see through, it may think that it is a clear path to fly.

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