House Window Types: How did Glass Windows Come to Be?

House Window Types: How did Glass Windows Come to Be?

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Look at every home in America and you will see a wide variety of windows. Windows are a opening in a wall, door or ceiling that allows light to pass through. If you open the window it can also allow for air and sound to come through as well. The different types of windows could take all day to list so here are a few styles that you see commonly. You may see tilt and slide windows, fixed windows, awning windows and roof windows just to name a small few. Have you ever wondered why and how windows came to be? Well the Romans were believed to be the first people to use actual glass to cover an opening. In Asia paper windows were used most often because the cost was much cheaper.

Glass was a hot commodity and only wealthy homes were outfitted with glass windows. Other homes did not have a covering that was permanent. Originally the glass was not very transparent and was not able to be opened. When the glass started to evolve it was then made clearer when a glass blower would blow up a sphere or glass and cut it in half. Each half was then flattened and used as a piece to cover a window.

As the glassblowers progressed in their craft they began to figure ways to make the glass flat and would blow up a sphere and use a technique to flatten that sphere into a circle that was clear and could then be used. This process was easier and it allowed more people the chance to have glass in the windows. After this way of thinking started to progress people were pushing to see who could figure out the next great way to make glass flatter and clearer.
The commonality of glass windows only came after someone was able to perfect the art of plate glass making. This is when it was possible to manufacture more glass at a faster rate and allowed people the ability to afford this luxury. Now every home in America has windows and can easily be replaced if they are broken or chipped.

The only trouble that people even think about now when it comes to windows is how to keep them clean. Call Mr. Windows for an estimate on having all your windows clean and clear.

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