Myths of Window Cleaning

Myths of Window Cleaning

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If you haven’t finished your spring cleaning yet, you still have some time before the summer season arrives. One of the main items on your spring cleaning check list is probably the windows that are all around your home. There are many false truths that homeowners are confronted with when it comes to window cleaning. The most common thought is that it is cheaper for home owners to clean their windows themselves, rather than hire a professional window cleaning company to come in and take care of the job. After you have purchased all the necessary cleaning products and solutions, the time it took you to gather those items and then the time it will actually take for you to clean every single window meticulously, you may be second guessing your ability compared to that of the efficiency of a professional window cleaner.

Regular Window Cleaning

If your windows are not washed on a regular basis, then they will collect a buildup of solvents and chemicals that will actually wear down the glass of your windows. Trying to clean your windows on your own proves a higher risk of your windows getting damaged. A professional will know what solutions to use on a window that has been worn down. Hiring a professional window cleaner will reduce maintenance costs in the long run. There are some home owners that think no-one really notices a dirty window so why should the time and money even be spent on cleaning them. People do notice dirty windows, especially those that are near the entrance of a home or office building. Grime and fingerprints are constantly building on top of each other every day at these locations, and if they are not properly cleaned on a regular basis, can leave an awful first impression.

Hard to Reach Windows

There are some windows that may be in a difficult location to reach and be cleaned, leaving the owner thinking that not all windows can even be cleaned. This is not true. There are so many appliances and devices that are available today making it possible to reach and clean every window anywhere it may be. Homeowners often use solutions like Windex or vinegar to clean their windows. Windex is not effective, it merely smears the dirt and grime across your window rather than removing the dirt that sits on the surface of your windows. Some people use vinegar and newspaper to clean their windows. Vinegar is highly ineffective when it comes to removing the waxy film that sits on top of your windows. Using newspaper to clean your windows only spreads the dirt and grime without lifting it off the surface.

For professionally cleaned windows and the satisfaction of a job well done, contact Mr Windows Cleaning Service LLC. We will thoroughly clean each and every window in your home using the best solutions and leaving you completely satisfied with the cleanliness of your spotless windows.

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