Window Cleaning Mistakes & the Best Ways to Clean Windows in Manassas Virginia

Window Cleaning Mistakes & the Best Ways to Clean Windows in Manassas Virginia

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Windows are a great addition to any room in your home; they add a great atmosphere, provide an excellent source of natural light and brighten every room. The bigger the window, the more light is provided to the room and with that comes the more difficult task of keeping the window clean. Keeping windows clean throughout your home can seem like a never ending task. Some windows get cleaned more often than others, for instance your sliding glass door in your kitchen probably gets a regular cleaning every Saturday while the windows in your bedroom or bathroom probably rarely get properly cleaned.

Window Scraper Razor Blade Tool

Properly cleaning your windows requires a great deal of time, energy and skill. Most home owners make common mistakes while cleaning windows that prevent the window from being properly cleaned. The windows on your home can get dusty and dirty very quickly and if they are never cleaned, then your window will begin to collect a buildup of dust and dirt that can be extremely difficult to remove on your own. Many home owners that think they are capable of doing the job on their own go out and purchase a window scraper razor blade. This can be a great tool to clean windows, if you know what you are doing. If you do not know what you are doing and have zero experience using a window scraper then you can permanently damage your windows.

Clean Windows Inside Before Washing Outside Glass

Another common mistake that home owners make when cleaning windows is that they clean the outside of their windows first. It is essential to clean the interior of the window first; the interior part of your window is actually much dirtier than the exterior. Finger prints, pet noses and other things floating around in your home can make the interior of your window extremely dirty. Be sure to clean the interior part of your windows first, and then look from every angle to see if there are any marks or streaks left.

Use the Correct Type of Window Cleaners

Home owners often purchase the wrong type of cleaners that leave streaks or a residue on top of your window. These solutions can also attract even more dirt and dust onto your window.

Professional Window Cleaning in Reston, Arlington, Manassas, Springfield, Gainesville, Herndon & Leesburg VA, Chevy Chase MD & Washington DC

Your best bet to have perfectly clean windows is to hire a professional, it is safe, it is effective and it will save you time and energy. Contact Mr. Windows Cleaning Service for the absolute best window cleaning available.

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