How to Clean High, Second Story Windows from the Outside of Your Herndon, VA House

How to Clean High, Second Story Windows from the Outside of Your Herndon, VA House

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Keeping the outside of your windows clean can be a never ending chore that many people have challenges keeping up with. For second-story homes, cleaning high level windows can be impossible for some and often the higher windows get left uncleaned. Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC understands how challenging cleaning multi story windows in homes can be. Therefore, we will share a few ways that make cleaning second-story windows a little easier.

Challenges of Cleaning Upstairs Windows

When it comes to washing second-story exterior windows, it’s not just the height of the window that poses a problem. Sometimes it is the location or angle of the window. Before you get started washing your home’s exterior windows, schedule your window cleaning on a good, clear day. Wind, and of course rain, can be counterproductive and makes washing exterior windows impossible. Check the extended forecast and see which day will be best for outside window cleaning. However, never clean windows in the hottest point of the day or during the warmest, season. The heat can create streaks in the glass and also make it difficult to properly clean the glass due to how fast the cleaners will dry on the glass. When cleaning second-story windows it is important to make sure that it is a nice, warm but not hot day. Spring and fall are the best times to do exterior window cleaning.

How to Clean Second Story Windows

To begin, you will want a sturdy ladder or extension pole to help you reach those higher windows. Next, inspect the windows. This can be done from inside. Look for any hard mineral stains that may require more than just a basic cleaning. You may want to get an exterior window cleaner designed for removing mineral build up or hard water stains on glass. Some may require pretreatment, so read the manufacturers instructions. In most cases you can use regular liquid dish soap and a soft sponge. Use a soapy mixture alongside a window cleaning sponge. With either a ladder or extension pole, use a garden hose to wash away the majority of the dirt first. Make sure you clean around the window sill and frame as well. Make sure you get all of the dirt and debris washed away to prevent dirt or mud from ruining your hard work. Then use the soapy water to clean the surface of the windows. Once the window has been cleaned with the soap, rinse the soap away. With a window squeegee remove the excess water, then use a window cleaner with a micro fiber cleaning cloth for a streak free, clean window. If your windows develop a fog or smog like appearance, and you’re having a tough time getting your windows clean, try using rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is an amazing glass cleaner that can help clean windows and give them that crystal clear shine. After you have cleaned the windows, use the micro fiber cleaning cloth and dab just a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the cloth and wipe the glass down.

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