Importance of Hiring Licensed, Insured and Bonded Contractors

Importance of Hiring Licensed, Insured and Bonded Contractors

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What if you look around and notice that your wallet is missing. You look everywhere and can’t find it hiding in any of the normal places. You retrace your steps and confirm that it was sitting right there on the counter when you came home. Where could it have gone? Have you had any work done in your home lately? Does the company that you hired have a business license and are they insured and bonded? In Fairfax County burglaries have been on the rise and one way that people are getting robbed is when they allow workers in their home.

Due Diligence Employee Hiring Practices

You may not really think about it but do you know what due diligence a company does before they hire an employee and send them out to your house? This is something that you can ask the prospective companies you are looking to hire. It is one of the most important things to check into when letting someone into your home. Mr Windows Cleaning Service LLC has prepared this quick guide of areas to ask about before letting someone into your home:
1. Licensed: be sure that the company that you are going to hire has a business license. This means that they have gone through the process with the state or county to become recognized as a professional. This also means they have given proof that they have what is needed to do whatever the work is they are offering. This also means that there is record of who the owner is and an official address in case there is a problem with the work.
2. Insured and Bonded: This is a safety net to make sure that if there is something done wrong while the work is being done or after the work is complete there is somewhere to file a claim to recover any loses. It also protects you in the case that a worker is injured while on your property. Make sure that you ask about insurance and make sure that you know what you are covered for in case of any unexpected problems.
3. Background Check: There is a great way that an employer can be sure that he has done everything possible before hiring a person. This is especially true when they are hiring employees that are being sent to others houses where they have valuables. When a background check is done on an employee it can weed out any potential problems. This cannot always eliminate every problem but it can substantially reduce them.

Trusted Window Cleaning Service

Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Unique in the window cleaning industry, our owner Mike spent a career in Corporate Security and also maintains an annual criminal background investigation through the Department of Criminal Justice Services. In addition, a comprehensive background check is also conducted by Angie’s List. A criminal background check is conducted on every employee. Contact us today for expert window cleaning and pressure washing services by people that can be trusted in your home!

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