Spring Window Cleaning

Spring Window Cleaning

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It is spring cleaning season and time to get all the dust and dirt from winter that has settled into our homes cleaned out. One part of spring cleaning that is often overlooked is window cleaning. Your windows are not just decorative accessories, but essential structures that make your house a home. Windows serve as an access to outdoor surroundings and provide excellent ventilation for your home. Windows are not something that are installed in your home with no purpose. The windows in your home serve as vital additions to your house. It is important that the windows in your home are regularly maintained. Windows that are never cleaned look atrocious and spoil your exterior and interior home design. A routine window cleaning is essential to maintain a clean and pristine look and also extend the life span of your windows.

Importance of Window Cleaning

No matter how well a window is made, it is important that they are kept clean. Believe it or not, there are some windows in homes that have never been cleaned, not even once. Most window glass appears to be quite smooth, however, if you were to look at glass under a microscope you would see it is actually quite porous. Glass has a lot of microscopic peaks and valleys. The surface of glass can capture and trap debris, salt, pollen, rust and calcium deposits. Windows in your home that have never been cleaned have the potential to become water spotted and appear to be heavily weathered over time. A window that is left dirty, with hard deposits now in the glass that can etch the window will lead to a loss of integrity within the glass, weakening the structural integrity of the window.
Windows are not only an excellent source of natural light into your home, but they also protect you from extreme weather, providing a barrier between you and the outside elements. A dirty window that has never been cleaned can be more vulnerable to cracking or breaking. The natural light you desire has the potential to be much brighter when shining through a clean window.

Professional Window Cleaning

It is recommended that you clean your windows at least twice a year. Clean windows will have a positive visual effect on the look of your home, inside and out. A clean, clear window will allow as much sun light as possible into your home, while strengthening the integrity of your windows, keeping the outside elements where they belong; outside. Clean windows will give you a proud feeling about your home.

Windows are not always easy to clean on your own. Windows that have never been cleaned before may require a stronger cleaner than what you are able to easily achieve. Other windows may be difficult to reach, making cleaning them more than a little dangerous. Calling a professional will make spring cleaning your windows simple and leave your home looking beautiful. Mr. Windows Cleaning Service LLC is a professional and skilled window cleaning service that will clean your windows, leaving them shining and looking brand new. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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