Tips for Removing Mineral Deposits & Hard Water Stains from Glass Exterior Window Glass in Chantilly, VA

Tips for Removing Mineral Deposits & Hard Water Stains from Glass Exterior Window Glass in Chantilly, VA

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Many homes are plagued with hard water. Hard water contains excessive amounts of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and other compounds. Sprinklers are the primary culprit, but even storms can leave dirt and grime deposits on your windows. These hard water stains that splatter all over the windows are due to these deposits. Today, we at Mr Windows Cleaning Service LLC would like to further elaborate on hard water stains on the exterior of your windows.

Mineral Deposits on Window Glass

Though glass looks smooth, at a closer, microscopic inspection, glass has hills and valleys, rivets and creases. As a result, it causes tiny minerals and debris to get trapped and etched into the glass. Getting caught in the glass, mineral deposits in the water dry, leaving behind a problematic layer of hardened grime. Resulting in permanent damage to your windows occurs when you wait too long to remove these stains. Before hard water wreaks havoc on your beautiful windows, its best to prevent and invest in removal. The good news is that you can restore the windows more often than not and potentially avoid having to replace the window.

What Removes Hard Water Stains from Glass

There are a few methods that can effectively remove hard water stains including:
Rubbing Alcohol: Wipe down the window with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. This method is best for maintenance cleanup as well.
Ammonia: Remove hard water spots from the glass with a towel dampened with mixture of ammonia and water. Be sure to use ammonia with caution it is known to cause skin and eye irritation as well as mucous membranes. It can negatively impact the respiratory and digestive tracts. Be sure to wear protective clothing like rubber gloves and goggles to prevent injuries.
Vinegar: Vinegar is one of the most effective methods can help prevent damage to the glass. Soak a towel in equal parts water and vinegar. Scrub the down the affected areas and allow it to set for a couple minutes. Vinegar’s acidic content will soften the mineral deposits and make it easier to remove. Wipe the glass down with a solution dampen rag to remove the residual water spots. Repeat as necessary. Use a dry towel to remove the moisture from the glass.

How to Prevent Hard Water Spots on Glass

Minimize hard water spots and to keep your windows sparkling after removing the hard water spots. Adjust its head to avoid the glass if your sprinkler keeps hitting your window. Remove the window screens that are on windows that aren’t used and regularly wash the dirty ones. Also, invest in routinely scheduled window cleaning services to help keep your windows crystal clear.

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