Follies of Time Consuming and Hazardous DIY Gutter Cleaning

Follies of Time Consuming and Hazardous DIY Gutter Cleaning

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Keeping the outside of your home in tip top shape can take many hours and almost all the energy you can muster up in one Saturday! Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge, touching up paint on a fence or repairing a sprinkler head are common tasks that any home owner will do; probably more regularly than they would rather. However, there is one task that is more dreaded than all the others, and that is the awful chore of cleaning out your gutters. Gutter cleaning is a tedious and disgusting task. Not only is it exhausting, it can also be extremely dangerous and scary for those who struggle with heights. Many hospital visits were the result of a DIY gutter cleaning gone wrong. Broken bones from ladder falls and bruises accompany more gutter cleaning jobs that could easily be avoided.

Reliable Ladder for Gutter Cleaning

When you decide to clean your gutters on your own, there are some serious steps that need to be taken. One of the first things to check off your list before you even begin to think about cleaning your gutters is that you have a reliable and safe ladder. You do not want an old rickety ladder being the only thing standing between you and a broken neck. This is a job that requires an expensive, reliable and proven brand of ladder.

Proper Length and Nozzle of Hose to Clean Gutters

To thoroughly clean your gutters, it is necessary to spray out the debris with a hose; this can be tricky if you do not have the proper type of ladder, the necessary length of hose and the correct nozzle. After you have thoroughly hosed out any debris, there is uually still a significant amount of debris that cannot be removed by the spraying that you just performed. So now you must scoop the remainder of the debris out. Avoid using a metal scoop, as this can potentially damage the bottoms of your gutters. While performing these tasks, make sure that you are wearing gloves to avoid any potential injuries to your hands or fingers.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

The best possible option you have when it comes to cleaning out your gutters is to hire a professional. Do not waste your precious time on such a dangerous and tedious task. Leave it to the professionals to get the dirty work done. Mr. Windows Cleaning Service is experienced in completely cleaning your gutters, in a safe, professional and efficient manner. Contact Mr. Windows Cleaning Service today and schedule a gutter cleaning appointment. Stay off the ladder and avoid any serious injury by leaving this job to an experienced professional!

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